We as parents want the very best for all our children.

However, if you have a child with additional needs, it is so important to help them reach their goals and make them as independent as possible.

We can guide you through the many positive steps parents can take to significantly improve their child’s future independence. With our expertise and by attending our Trust Planning Workshop we can guide every parent on:

  • How a Special Needs Trust will protect your child’s future
  • Why a Special Needs Bank Account is necessary
  • How to write a Letter of Wishes
  • Explain the importance of a Hospital Passport
  • How to choose the right Guardians and Trustees
  • Information on rarely claimed entitlements and tax credits
  • How to build financial security for your child
  • How to fund a Trust from entitlements

Let us show you how to create financial independence for your child long after you are not around to care for them.
We run workshops throughout Ireland to inform parents of critical information that is essential to create a brighter financial future. Click on the Workshop Tag to find out about a workshop near you.

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